Squid Tube
  • Weights available:
  • U5 - U10
  • General packing:
  • 10kg/bag
  • Catch Methods:

  Squid with all the work done. These squid have been totally cleaned with all the nasties removed in a Chinese factory.

What remains is a sleeve of pure meat ready to cut and cook. Make your own battered rings or toss into a stir fry.


Season availability
Product Specifications

IQF Interleaved   
U/5, U/7, U/10     U/5, U/7, U/10   
First Ring on Wing off Treated EU Standard     First Ring on Wing off Chemical Free or EU Treated    

100%Net Weight or 10% ,20%,30%,40%Glazing No Compenated    

100%Net Weight or 10% ,20%,30% No Compenated  
1Kg/Bag or 10Kg/CTN Bulk Package 5Kg/Block x 2Block/CTN

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