Squid T+T
loligo chinensis
  • Weights available:
  • U5 U7 U8 U10
  • General packing:
  • 10kg/bag
  • Catch Methods:

    Squid are tubular shaped with ten tentacles or arms. Their meat is firm and chewy, with a mild and often sweet flavor similar to Cuttlefish. This frozen selection may cook up a bit less springy, but it offers the convenience of Squid whenever you want it.

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Product Specifications



Loligo Squid  

70% tube + 30% head, Tube: skinless, first ring on, tip on, wings on; tentacles:

eyes off, mouth off, tentacles fully cut from tube, with neck meat, cartilage off


: EU chemical treated





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Selling Points
*Place frozen Squid in the fridge to thaw overnight. Cut tubes into rings, and fry them along with the tentacles coated with flour or cornmeal until crispy.
* stuff whole tubes and stew in a spicy seafood sauce. Remember to cook only until tender.
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