South Blue Whiting
Micromesistius poutassou
  • Weights available:
  • 30g-25kg
  • General packing:
  • 10kg/bag
  • Catch Methods:

   Blue Whiting is a small pelagic fish which is referred to Cod family that lives most of its life at 200 to 600 meters depth. Blue whiting can reach a length of 47 cm, but its usual length 20-35 cm. It is widely distributed in the North-East Atlantic and is therefore an important link in the marine food chain, feeding on plankton crustaceans and small fish and being itself prey to a wide range of predatory fish, squid and marine mammals.The most important fishing areas for blue whiting are the spawning grounds west of the British Isles – where the fishery takes place before, during and after the spawning in February-April. Annual catch of Blue whiting exceeds 1,5 million metric tonnes, most of which is processed into animal food and fish oil.

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Whole Fish      HGT 

20+, 23+, 25+, 30+ cm

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fat content is high
very popular seafood in Japan
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