Our Promise and Practice

   We are committed to ensuring the highest standards in our sourcing of raw materials.
   To do this we have strict Sourcing Policies enforced through a comprehensive risk assessment system. Our policies cover food safety, traceability, farm & fishery sources, animal welfare, social standards & packaging.    
   We encourage best practice & support R&D projects for development within our supply base.
   To ensure our consumers have confidence in what we say, we will not use the terms ‘Responsible’ or ‘Sustainable’ in the labelling of our products unless our sources meet the values of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition 
   We want to ensure fair wages, no discrimination and health & safety at source. We fully support the principles of the Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code, which we expect our suppliers to adopt as a minimum standard. We are AB members of SEDEX which assists businesses to manage ethical performance and development. We use the SEDEX risk assessment tools & as necessary, require independent ethical audits of our suppliers. Our goal is to work in partnership with all our suppliers and see ethical trading performance improving continously.
   We are proud that so much of our raw materials are sourced in line with leading independent standards. Over two thirds of our coldwater and warm water prawns are certified in this way. We are an industry leader for supporting third party certification because it is best practice & also drives improvement at source. We are actively engaged in the positive evolution of these standards and systems.
   However where such certification is not yet possible, we support fishery & aquaculture improvement programmes.
   With the growth in the global demand for animal protein set to continue for the foreseeable future, the challenges are immense to ensure this demand is met in a responsible way. This will only be achieved through a combination of well managed wild caught fisheries, and responsible growth in aquaculture.
   We have reduced our landfill by around 1,000 tonnes per annum and target to be zero to landfill by end of this year. All paper packaging used within the company now comes from Forest Stewardship Council or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) approved sources and all our plastic trays are made from previously recycled material.
   We have achieved a number of "firsts” including the first UK manufacturer to launch Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified cold water prawns in the UK retail market in October 2008.